Flexible Films

HYPAC™ High Barrier Liners

HYPAC™ offers an extensive range of co-extruded multi-layer high barrier films, available for a variety of applications. Our standard film structure is LLDPE / TIE / EVOH / TIE / LLDPE. Other film combinations are also available.

Available in roll stock or in the form of liners from widths of 30mm up to 2200mm, with or without gussets. Roll stock can be supplied in bags with perforation lines for ease of insertion into FIBCs and savings of warehouse storage space.


HYPAC™ films are suitable for the packaging of food, chemicals and hydroscopic products like milk powder, spices, desiccated coconut etc. For use as inner liners in paper sacks, flexible bulk bags, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), cartons and drums.

Films can be produced with anti-static treatment and are heat resistant up to 195ºC. Gusseted mitred seal liners for carton packaging are also available.


HYPAC™ films provide outstanding barrier properties against gas, water, odour, flavour and chemicals. Extends product shelf life by minimizing oxidation, preventing product contamination and retaining product flavours.

HYPAC™ high barrier films comply with US FDA, BRC, BGA and EC regulations for direct food contact. HYPAC™ films are approved for use by major food manufacturers worldwide.


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