Flexible Films

HYPAC™ Thermoforming Films


HYPAC offers a wide range of high barrier thermoforming films to pack meat products and sausages, fish, poultry, cheese, ham, deep frozen products etc.

HYPAC™ co-extruded thermoforming films are available in different film structures for various drawn depths. Features include:

  • extension of product shelf life
  • excellent thermoformability
  • outstanding barrier properties against gas, water, odour and moisture
  • exceptional optical clarity
  • special physical attributes like durability, flex-crack and puncture resistance
  • excellent sealing properties

An extensive range of co-extruded and laminated films with anti-fog features are also available as top lidding films for thermoforming applications

Films can be plain or printed up to 8 colours.

HYPAC™ films are compatible for use with major thermoforming machine brands.

HYPAC™ thermoforming films comply with US FDA, BRC, BGA and EC regulations for direct food contact.

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