Flexible Films

HYPAC™ Lidding Films

A complete range of high barrier lidding films designed for varied applications to be used in vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

HYPAC™ Retort Lidding Films

HYPAC offers retort lidding films for sealing PP barrier (PP/EVOH/PP) retort food trays/cups.

  • Available in different film compositions incorporating aluminium, EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol co-polymer), Siox (silicone oxide) or Aiox (aluminium oxide).
  • Exceptionally high barrier against oxygen, moisture, odour and flavour. The high barrier layer maintains product freshness and extended shelf life of up to one/two years.
  • Provide long product shelf life at ambient temperature.
HYPAC™ Lidding Films (Non-retortable)
  • HYPAC offers lidding films to seal against CPET, APET, PVC and styrofoam trays. Selected films can withstand temperatures of minus 40ºC to 200ºC, suitable for use in microwave and conventional hot air ovens. Excellent grease and oil resistance.
  • Co-extruded and laminated films with anti-fog features are also available as top web lidding films for thermoforming applications e.g. PE/EVOH/PE, PE/PA/PE, OPA/PE, PET/PE/EVOH/PE etc.
  • Films can be plain or printed up to 8 colours.

HYPAC™ lidding films comply with US FDA, BRC, BGA and EC regulations for direct food contact.


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