Speciality Films

Bag-in-Box Films

Bag-in-box liners range from 2 to 1,000 litres in capacity and are manufactured in both barrier and non-barrier film structures.

Products packaged in the bag-in-box system include milk, vinegar, oil, wine, fruit juices, sauces, water etc. The bags are supplied as either single units or in web form to allow for automated filling.

Depending on the application, bag-in-box liquid liners are manufactured from the following or combination of materials:

  • Polyethylene in multi-plies
  • Aluminium foil laminates
  • Metallised laminates
  • Multi-layer co-extruded Nylon and EVOH films

An extensive range of dispensers is available to meet specific product and market requirements. The dispensers range from the Truseal tap to the cost effective snap cap system. All dispenser systems meet internationally recognised sizing to allow compatibility with the diverse range of filling equipment used by industry.

The films used comply with US FDA, BRC, BGA and EC regulations for direct food contact.


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